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Gourmet-Experience Brandnertal on Tuesday, the 18th of July 2017

5 chefs. 5 menus. 1 kitchen
Five creative chefs from the Brandnertal stage fine dining events, serving traditional and contemporary fare. The themed nights at given dates are dedicated to regional and seasonal delicacies.
Dates 2016/2017
13.12.2016: "Southern Europe"DOS. Restaurante, T +43 676 6558045
14.03.2016: "Central Europe" Hotel Dunza, T +43 5552 65308
24.05.2016: "Northwest Europe" Alpensteakhaus, T +43 664 9154877
18.07.2016: "Southeast Europe" Brandner Hof, T +43 5559/260
20.09.2016: "Northern Europe" Hotel Sarotla, T +43 5559/248
€ 52,- per person for the menu without wine
€ 67,- pro person for the menu with wine
6 p.m.

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We are happy to accommodate your party! For large parties of 30 guests or more, we will be accepting reservations even during our company's vacation.