Restaurant Brandner Hof

Planned Season Start 27.2.2021

One Heart and One Soul - for over 35 Years

We, Andrea and Peter Schedler, both grew up, went to school and got married here in Brand. Hence we can be called true Brandners. That does not mean, however, that we have never looked across the borders. It goes without saying that we both have worked abroad - but we are unanimously of the opinion that there is no such place as Brand with its unique flora and fauna, surrounded by the majestic Rhätikon Mountains. We love it here, we are proud to work here where others spend their holidays.

Peter, a chef by profession and a graduate from the Klessheim School for Tourism, a certified ski instructor and tour guide, a certified sommelier and a passionate golfer, has been working in the gastronomical sector for over 40 years. Andrea completed studies in business and tourism and has worked in the gastronomical sector for almost 30 years. She is a keen mountaineer.

In December 1985 we bought the Brandner Hof together with Gabriele and Elmar Schedler, and have run the restaurant since then. In May 2014 Gabriele and Elmar left the restaurant in order to dedicate their time and energy to a new task: the conversion (and management) of the former Valschena Hotel into a block of self-contained apartments. - We continue running the Brandner Hof at the same high level of quality together with our team of long standing. Every day is a new challenge for us. Satisfied (and returning) customers are proof that we have been successful in our endeavours.

We are looking forward to your booking.

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