Restaurant Brandner Hof

Our Wine Cellar

Enjoy our culinary highlights and our outstanding selection of wines in a cosy atmosphere with Andrea and Peter Schedler at the Brandner Hof. We know how to combine great meals with excellent wines.

The wine cellar is the heart of the Brandner Hof, and it is carefully managed by sommelier and host Peter Schedler. Select wines with an emphasis on Austrian reds and whites; high-quality distillates, some of them crafted by Austria’s best distillers, are available. You will also find international top wines. Peter Schedler will, of course, be glad to help you selecting the wines to go with your meal. Enjoy our high-quality wine service.

Sommelier Willi Hirsch, President of the VSOV

Andrea and Peter Schedler’s restaurant offers light, regional cuisine, outstanding wines and, to round it all off, select distillates. Peter Schedler, an approved ski instructor, does not only know how to teach the perfect parallel turn, but, as a sommelier and co-founder of the VSOV (Association of Voralberger Sommeliers), to give competent advice to his guests as to which wines to select. Peter Schedler’s wine list contains whites and reds made by renowned Austrian wine-makers as well as a good international selection of Italian, French, Spanish, Swiss, Chilean and South African wines. It goes without saying that top-of-the list and sparkling wines are also available. There is also a wide variety of top-end distillates to sample – both international brands and products by regional distillers such as Hämmerle, Raimund Schobel and Walter Amann.  – Thus there is nothing more satisfying for Peter Schedler than descending to his cellar and picking the right ones from his 3,000 bottles for his guests.